You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love & affection. ~Buddha

Self Affirmations have been one of the most life changing habits I have incorporated into my everyday life. It continues to help me get through any situation or event that I encounter. And Why not give yourself credit for being such a gorgeous being inside and out?  For some it might seem hard at first. So let’s start with just strictly  thinking about your mechanics as a human being -your machine -or body alone  is such an incredible mechanic that even the greatest scientists in the world still can’t duplicate!!! Does that not count for anything??? Whether you believe it or not You ARE beautiful and extremely special!!!  Do yourself justice and never forget that.

Tip: “There’s an App for that” There are some great reminder Apps out there that I recommend using to help you in your Daily Affirmations. “Tell me later” is a reminder app I use (for the iPhone.) I have set up different reminders to go off throughout the day like; I love you just the way you are,  Good morning gorgeous! What are some things you are most grateful at this very moment??,  I will always be here for you -you are never alone,  You look so Beautiful -did you know that?? 
It’s a great way to remind you that you are one SEXY AND AWESOME being… and really HOW COULD YOU POSSIBLY FORGET THAT??

With that being said, you have my permission to flaunt your greatness and LET THE WHOLE WORLD KNOW ABOUT IT!!.. And hey, why not surround yourself with more awesome people so you all can soak up each others awesomeness!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my humble and gracious Canadians

sending all my love your way



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